Walking Tours

We asked our friend and colleague Chiara Crisafulli – a poet and also a professional tour guide – to propose some walking tours for JAFEST week. The menu she has given us is sumptuous…


Lisbon in a nutshell

This is a walk for those who want to uncover the most important historical, cultural and traditional facts about Lisbon and its people. From the first known settlements to the fall of the XX century dictatorship, we will walk up and down the hills, seeing the best that this city has to offer both in the old districts and the downtown area. The route covers some breathtaking viewpoints, the Moorish fortress and the three most important squares downtown.

Pick up: Praça do Comércio
Drop off: Praça Camões
Duration: 3,5 hours

Monday 10 April @ 11h00
Tuesday 11 April @ 11h00
Sunday 16 April @ 15h00


Poetry reading tour

Enjoy the walking version of a poetry reading group in one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals. Discover the inner and outer landscape of Lisbon, hear about modernism in Portugal and the Orpheus generation, discuss the only Portuguese writer to have won the Nobel Prize for Literature, as well as the two most passionate Portuguese female poets... and more!

Pick up: Praça Camões, Chiado
Drop off: Miradouro da Graça or Miradouro Nossa Senhora do Monte
Duration: 3 hours

Thursday 13 April @ 9h30
Friday 14 April @ 9h30
Sunday 16 April @ 9h30


Pessoa walking tour

Fernando Pessoa is the most Portuguese of Portuguese poets – as well as one of the most controversial, misunderstood and debated men of letters of the 20th century! This 3-hour tour takes us on a beautiful journey through the many neighbourhoods Fernando walked on a daily basis, allowing us to discover the idiosyncracies and quirks of the man behind the verses. Along the way, we will read the original Portuguese and English translations of various poems...

Pick up: Casa Fernando Pessoa
Drop off:Largo de São Carlos
Duration: 3 hours

Wednesday 12 April @ 11h00
Saturday 15 April @ 11h00


Chiara Crisafulli

According to Chiara CRISAFULLI, life works out in mysterious ways. This is how she has been riding her life, travelling, and savouring different countries without an agenda for 13 years. Originally from Sicily, she wrote her first poem aged 7 and has never stopped. She is currently looking for a publisher that loves her first manuscript as much as she does, while working in Lisbon as a ghostwriter and tour guide. A long-time friend of JÁ, Chiara assisted Tania with the production of “Insomnia” in 2019 and has featured several times on the literature podcast hosted by Dan Cotterall.